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Soapy Besos

NO FILTER l facial serum

NO FILTER l facial serum

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So what's the big deal about this facial serum? Let us break it down for you: it plumps your skin, brightens it, preserves collagen, and removes wrinkles. In other words, it's the youth elixir you've been searching for. Trust us, your skin will thank you for giving it a try. This facial serum is like giving your skin a big ol' hug—and who doesn't love a good hug? What's our goal? To minimize your need for makeup because you look so darn good without it!



The goal at Soapy Besos is to bring rich & luxurious ingredients together in a fun & exciting way so you never have to sacrifice fun to get sustainable, natural products.

All of our products are:

• cruelty free • sustainably made • palm free • phthalate free • harsh chemical free • handmade with love •

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Niacinamide is the foundation of this skin-sensitive serum. Niacinamide helps to produce collagen in your skin, keeping it younger for longer. As well as building your lipid layer, which helps retain water & nutrients in your skin. It also helps minimize the look of pores, fights hyperpigmentation, and protects against UV damage

Strawberry Seed Extract helps keep skin moisturized and supple, preserves collagen & brightens skin, and fights off wrinkles

Hyaluronic Acid hydrates skin by linking the bonds of your skin cells so moisture does not escape. It helps tighten your skin, reduces wrinkle lines like the ones under your eyes, & works on eliminating dark spots.


It's the perfect balance of sparkling cassis, bergamot, lemon, rhododendron, honey, peony, dandelion fields, and white musk.


This serum can be used up to twice daily and can be used after a face wash & toner combination. Top it off with a great face cream to really seal everything in


Distilled Water, Rose Hydrosol, Niacinamide, 1,3 Propanediol, Vegetable Glycerin, Strawberry Seed Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Optiphen, Mica Powder, Fragrance Oil

Soapy Besos knows for sure that I love their products! My facial products have all been replaced by Soapy Besos